Shovelling 101

Heavy snowfall and improper shoveling techniques can lead to some annoying injuries. But rest assured, there are some strategies you can make note of to hopefully help avoid those awful neck/back/shoulder aches and pains.

#1. Warm up: This doesn’t have to be complicated, but warming up your body prior to grabbing that shovel can do WONDERS. Take a quick walk around your block or house to get the blood flowing first.

#2. Drink Water: Now this is just a helpful tip period, but especially before doing something strenuous, like shoveling. Just because the temperature is cold, doesn’t mean you cannot get dehydrated.

#3. Push, don’t throw: This one may seem silly at first, but pushing the snow out of the way is the ideal form for snow removal. If you have to lift the snow out of the way, we recommend pushing it first and then lifting, making sure you lift with as little twisting of the back as possible.

#4. Practice that hip hinge: Make sure that as you are shoveling you aren’t collapsing/bending through your low back, but are instead bending through your hips. Using your legs and arms to help push the snow out of the way will take off some of the strain on your low back.

Now, if the snow shoveling still gets the best of you and you do experience some pain, please reach out. We are always here to help!